on Apr 5, 2009

So. This work thing, has a little disadvantage. The commute is two hours each way, and there is no public transport from the train station to the office. So it means a £10 cab. Each way. (I don't have a car).

At the moment, I'm catching a ride with the Logistics Director who picks me up 20 minutes away from home at 6:30 am. Which is not too terrible except the ride back is usually at 7:00 pm which means I've been doing 12 hour shifts. If I want to leave earlier, I either need to catch a ride with someone else (I have had no luck so far) or I need to fork up the money for the cab. Plus, it being a two hour trip, means I would get home at the same time than if I just stayed at the office and waited for my ride.

On Friday, the MD of the Company said I should see how it works for me for this month, but that they will probably contemplate making me an offer to stay on permanently. To be very honest, I don't love the job. It's not awful or anything, but it's not as amazing as my last workplace. But it is a job in a recession and it would pay the bills. I should also mention that the money is just ok. Not great.

So what would you do?


Firegirl said...

Gosh, that's a tough one.

I guess there are two things to consider: The first one is Kevin's idea, btw.

How much is your personal time worth to you? It's cutting four hours out of your personal time.

The second one ties in with the first:
By the time you factor in travel expenses (Plus personal time if you can equate a value to it)
Are you making enough money that it's worth all the effort?

And, it's a kind of-maybe-sort of, you have a job situation which can't be easy. You can't truly settle into a workplace when you know it's temporary.

The cautious side of me says Keep the Job in this economy.

The wild says says "But it's not her dream job!!"

So, I guess I'm no help whatsoever. (:-D

Bethtastic said...

I say keep the job. Especially if they offer you a permanent position, take it and keep it.

But, don't stop looking for something better. (Which obviously becomes more challenging when you have less free time, but still.)

Keep the job, keep looking for something you like more...and when a better offer comes your way, go for it! Until then, pay the bills.

My two cents. :D

Firegirl said...

Yes, I think she's right upon further pondering.

The old adage here is "It's easier to find a job when you have a job"

Maybe you'll make a connection during your commute & find the perfect job!

Hey, does this mean going back to Mexico is no longer on the table?

Anonymous said...

I say keep the job until something else comes up. I think it's better to have the job....it could always open up new opportunities.