on Apr 11, 2009

Thank you everybody for all your comments on my job situation. I still haven't officially decided what's going to happen, but so far my decision is more inclined towards not taking the job. I get up at 5 a.m. and come back at 8 pm. I am exhausted beyond words. I come home and I don't have the energy to even talk to my poor husband. I just want to zone out in front of the tv and forget life exists.

I know from experience that this leads to a handful of problems: I will become frustrated and bitter, I will start hating to go there, hating to wake up, hating my employers, and hating myself. I've been there and done that and this is not who I am anymore. I don't think life is one of sacrifices and endurance. Life is meant to be fun. We are meant to do what feels good. So far, this job is not feeling good. No amount of money justifies that.

So we'll see what happens. Husband finally got some freelance work, and I am estimating that between both our jobs, we will have around 3+ more months of savings. Anything can happen in 3 months. If it doesn't, there is always the option of going to Mexico. I've made peace with that too. Life is good no matter where. All is well.


Bethtastic said...

Lovely Spring color change!

And, yes, if the inevitable result of keeping the job is losing YOU. Don't take it.

Have a blessed Easter! He is risen!!

Firegirl said...

Oooh, I am loving the green!

Hopefully this job will make your dream job jealous and it will make itself known to you! (:-D

Whew! Having big decision hanging over your head is stressful!

Hope you had a lovely holiday