on Apr 19, 2009

Just a few steps from the flat where we live, there is a series of canals where you can find diverse members of the British fauna. My current favourite are the seagulls, which I can also constantly see flying in the sky outside my window if I sit in the right position on the couch.

For the four months I found myself unemployed, I would go on a walk every day to try and fight the cabin fever. And there they were, always managing to look calm and happy standing there on every single available nook and cranny, but going into a hilarious upheaval at the slightest sign of food availability.

They're greedy, catching crumbs mid air, not letting ducks get a single bite, but I love them anyway. I love to see them sleeping, standing on the rails one after the other. I love when they push each other out of the way with a flustered 'eeeee' to prove their point. I love when they circle around the water, seeming so blissful and free, like there is no care in the world because they are in the now, flying. I love the sound they make, even when it wakes me up sometimes too early in the morning.

But the thing I love the most, is knowing they are mine, my seagulls to see and hear and appreciate. They are not something I need to share with anyone, I don't need anybody to agree that they are amazing for me to be able to love them. And they don't need me to love them to be happy either. They are just so free. When I leave this house, this is the best memory I will take with me, the memory of peace, of having company during those lonely despairing months, of being free, just because I could fly.


Anonymous said...

I love to watch birds. There is a cardinal that comes into my backyard every morning, and sits on the table outside my window. I sit as still as possible while it cocks it's head this way and that way, like he's looking right at me through the window. It's so peaceful.

Bethtastic said...

First - YAY! For another thing you love on your way to 100. I've been looking forward to it. :D

Second, "when you leave this house"...are there plans for that?

Firegirl said...

My work overlooks the Bay so we often have seagulls too. They are very pretty to watch!

Sometimes they line up and I swear it's like they're having a meeting.

Lovely post.