on Feb 12, 2009

1. I shower with unbelievably hot water.

2. I was 29 the first time I touched snow, 31 the first time I saw an actual
snowfall. I think it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

3. I don't think I could live without chocolate.

4. I am not a morning person, yet my favourite part of the day is the morning.

5. Subsecuently, my favourite meal of the day is breakfast.

6. When I was 18, I mistakenly thought I wanted to be a chef. I did a degree on something different and I've been working on that field for 7 years, yet most people still think I am a chef.

7. I don't enjoy cooking that much.

8. I really enjoy baking, though.

9. I am thinking of changing careers, and I reserve the right to change as many times as I wish.

10. I believe in Law of Attraction.

11. I really wish I knew how to draw. I would love to have a sketchbook full of interesting stuff.

12. I did not understand Spring, until I experienced winter in London. (It has made me appreciate winter)

13. I love to learn new things, and throw myself into them.

14. Loads of people ask me what I miss the most about Mexico. I always surprise myself by the answer: The Sun. (Obviously after Family and Friends!)

15. I 'found' myself in London. It sounds really corny but it's the greatest gift this adventure has given me.

16. The weirdest New Year's resolution I have made (and kept for the most part) is to give up complaining. It has yielded surprising results

17. I have very thin finger nails. They break and fold backwards very easily.

18. The most important thing I have ever learned is that it's not situations in life that bring happiness, it's you. I am responsible for my own happiness, and so are you. (Yes, I am talking to you)

19. I love to read. Strangely I tend to go either for the shallow chick-lit, or the deep spiritual-growth books.

20. When I find a good book, I cannot put it down or stop thinking about it.

21. I am a really good procrastinator.

22. My current lesson in life is patience. I'm getting there, but it has taken me years of practice.

23. I like to watch my husband play on his xbox. I hate playing on it myself.

24. I am afraid of becoming one of those New-age-namaste-to-you-raw

-vegan-I-do-yoga-and-hug-trees person. Re-reading my 25 things has made me realise I am becoming one.

25. Oh, who am I kidding? I am a tree-hugger.

PS. Thank you for all your concerns. I am ok, just going through a period of writer's block. I sit here every day wanting to write, and nothing comes out. Hopefully I'll be back soon posting more consistently.