on Feb 13, 2009

He was having a meeting nearby, and had agreed to have lunch with me at our place. I had gone out in the morning with my Aunt, and called him to let him know I was on my way. He sounded happy, urging me to get there soon, he was on his way too.

As I approached the door, I saw there was a post-it note on it. "You are always asking, so here they are", it read. I was baffled. I had absolutely whatsoever no idea of what this meant. Had he left a note for the cleaner? Did he lose his keys again?

I opened the door to find a single balloon in the hallway. Attached to it's streamer was a second post-it note.

"100 things I love about you".

I looked up. The living room was bursting with coloured balloons. There seemed to be hundreds of them, each with a note attached. Each with a reason to love me.

I froze. Tears came. I didn't know what to do, it was beautiful, lovely, sweet, and I was just blown away.

He came out from behind a door with the last ballon in his hand. My ring was tied to the streamer and the note read: "Because you make me want to marry you" And then he kneeled.

We have never done Valentine' s day. We don't need to.


Firegirl said...

You win!

Thanks for making me cry at work! (:-D

Beautiful! Well done him!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

[Standing ovation.]
He wins. Hands down.

Bethtastic said...


There are no other words. :) Congrats on getting a great man!!

And Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

OMG! How sweet! Wonderful! Congrats! :)

Chung Nguyen said...

Wow. Way to set the bar high.... (:


Bethtastic said...

What's new with Dyn? We haven't heard from you in quite a while.