on Dec 4, 2008

This year for Christmas it would be nice if:

I found a job as fabulous as the one I had, but with 50% more pay.
Husband found a job he loves.
We moved into a warm and well lit, unfurnished flat. With a nice landlord.
I lost 4 kg.
We got our passports back.
We went to visit my dad in Spain next year.
We went to Mexico in March.
We traveled more.
I got a warm well cut coat that doesn't make me look shapeless.
I found warm shoes that are actually nice.
I blogged more.
I learned to be more in my now.
We went to more musicals and concerts.
I went on a winter clothes shopping spree.
I became more fit.
I found more hobbies.
I read more books that I love.
I found new music.
I made more of an effort to look nicer.
We had a Roomba.
They sold flavoured coffee creamers in the UK.
I felt hopeful more of the time.
Rupert lived.

I guess I could go on and on listing more things that I would like, but also it's nice to know where my priorities are (i.e more happy moments than things)

What about you readers, what would you like as a Christmas miracle?