on Dec 3, 2008

Perhaps this is not the best time to talk about this because of the economic climate, etc, but I don't care. I recently received a 30% off voucher for The Gap, and I rushed in quite excitedly. I really like that store because of it's basics. It is not the trendiest place to shop, but you can get a nice standard turtleneck that lasts a bit more than the cheap ones at Uniqlo and at 30% who am I to resist?

I love wearing new clothes. It may seem frivolous but this statement doesn't mean I buy clothes all the time, you know? It just means I love the feeling of having them. I love that they fit just right because they have not shrunk in the wash, or you have not had months to put on weight before wearing them. I love that they are soft and new, and somehow that makes me also feel like a brand new person. They help me stand up straighter, feel more feminine, walk better, smile more.

Shopping sprees are the best, because you buy several things, allowing you to spread out that newness feeling for longer. I love opening the closet and knowing I have several items of clothing to look forward to, and that mentally makes me feel pretty and groomed. It's sort of like feeling taken care of for a while.

It also makes Husband notice me more, which is quite lovely.

Christmas is a clothes-receiving season, so I hope you all get loads and loads of new things to enjoy after the excitement of Christmas has worn out. I know I will!


Bethtastic said...

It's almost like I could have written your whole post. I LOVE new clothes!

I feel pretty. And confident. And dashing.


Anonymous said...

I love new clothes too! And I too love to go in my closet and realize I have several new pieces I could wear! Love it!!