on Nov 11, 2008

Right. So I am unemployed. Boo hoo. Enough with the self pity don't you think?

On a brighter note, what do you think about the new looks around here? I downloaded this beautiful (and Free!) template, and while I think it looks gorgeous, I can't work out how to edit the 'Contact' tab, and my blogger profile seems to have disappeared. Also, my twitter tab is kinda funny, which may be driving me a bit crazy. Do any of you know how to fix this? Haaalp!

Also, as I was re-writing my 'About me' bit I realized this blog was meant to be about writing things I like - kind of expanding on the daily gratitude lists I make each morning- and so far I have mostly indulged in the wallowing of the job loss, so there will be no more of that.
I am still making some finishing touches on my next post (she says!!! As if they were brilliantly written... ahem ( I don't mind not being good, English is my second language so being coherent is the main aim here, mostly. (This also gives me an excuse to shamelessly abuse the use of parentheticals))) but for now, I give you:

Shoes. On a wire. What's up with that?


Firegirl said...

Yikes, welll, in the States that means that someone was killed there. It began with gang shootings and has kind of been a symbol.

Sorry about that! I would much rather have a creative, happy reason like mischievous children or a furious spouse. (:-D

Dynamita said...

Really? Husband took the picture in Mexico City. We just thought it was funny. Did not think it could mean that! Hopefully there it means something else, although who knows?

Firegirl said...

I know! I almost didn't comment about it and let it be just a curiosity.

Let's just choose to think it's the revenge of a furious spouse after he discovered her spouse cheating...with the maid...(:-D

Anonymous said...

Love the look of the blog! And my twitter thing does the same thing. I don't understand it!