#3 Walking

on Aug 5, 2006

I love to walk. When I lived with my mom, there was a nice pathway where you could walk along a line of trees, and there was people walking their dogs, and joggers going by and kids riding their bikes. I loved to walk, and often took afternoon strolls just letting my thoughts regroup and feeling relaxed.

Walking is very good for you. It tones your legs and bum, and if you do it long enough it increases your metabolic rate, and helps burn the nasty fat that seems impossible to get rid of. I think walking is classified as one of the best exercises one can do, and you don’t really need anything but a comfy pair of shoes to do it.

With good shoes, I can walk a quite a few hours without noticing. I have a daily 15 minute walk to the train station, and then another 15 to my job. I actually enjoy it. When I am walking, my mind just wonders away. I order my thoughts, think about the good things I have, the thinsg I can do in the future, do mental rants, and generally just let my mind organize my thoughts. I also love looking at the people and the things in the street, I often wonder about them, if they are happy, if they are going somewhere interesting, what are they thinking about? Of course, I love walking with my husband. I love holding his warm hand and listening to his happy voice. I love how he always walks on the oustide of the sidewalk, so that I feel protected and safe. It amazes me that he watches out for people who are trying to go around us, and gets out of their way, because when I am walking out all alone, I am so enthralled in my own little world, that I barely notice them.

One of the things we enjoy the most about this city, so far, is the fact that it is very much designed for walking. There are even podcasts you can download that tour you through everywhere. There are huge parks, sidewalks are smooth, and thhe very best part: the Thames Path. You can actually walk besides most of the river, looking at the old fashioned boats, noticing when the tide rises, and laughing at the gulls fight for their spot on abandoned docks. It’s a wonderful feeling, the wind on your face (or on your whole body with this unpredictable weather) just looking out at the endless sky. I love the long walk to the small cafes, avoiding cyclists and joggers, and just minding my own business. Walking relaxes me.

Even at my other job, I would always rather go to any of my co-worker’s cubicle instead of calling if I needed something. I would always volunteer to walk somewhere near when I didn`t fit in the car.I liked walking to the warehouse, looking at the products, and when I have been a gym member, I spend hours on the treadmill. Because of this, everybody just looks at me as if I were insane, but that’s me, I’ve always liked to do things that nobody understands.