# 2 Clean Flat

on Jul 30, 2006

I love the way my home feels after it has been cleaned. There are two wonderful feelings of cleanliness that just make me feel good. One is the feeling you get when you left your flat/apartment/house really messy, and you return to find it clean. I feels extra good when the person who cleans it did it because they wanted to do something nice for you, but that, that... relief you feel to see it clean, that feeling of aaaahhh, that clean smell, that air. There is something in the air, in the environment that exudes happiness. It sort of invites you to relax, to let go. The other great feeling -perhaps even a better feeling if I dare say- is the feeling you get after you personally cleaned the place. It feels extra good if all the people who live in the place did it together. I love team work, and to me, this after-clean home feeling is one of the best team works ever. I think its because everybody is chipping in to do something that no one really likes.

I don´t think I can describe the opennes, the internal peace it makes me feel. When my flat is clean, I feel that it sort of connects better with me, it feels right, as if it were a part of me that I had neglected and now we have made up and everything is all right again.


Brandy said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment, I remember you from Dland! Hope life in England is treating you well!

I love it when things are clean too! Except I hate cleaning them, because there is no team work here..or if there is it is not evenly spread out!

Clarity25 said...

I just found your site through the comment you left at Brandy's. I liked what you wrote, so I thought I'd check out your blog. I really enjoyed the first three entries and I'll be back to read more in the future. Great writing! I thought I would just say "hello"