on Jul 21, 2006

Maybe if I write a post about say, 100 things I like, Ill find myself in some of them. So here goes:


I am not making coffeee the number one position because it is the number one thing I like in life. I am doing it because it is usually the first lucid thing I think of in the morning -right after "shit, its morning already?", "stupid alarm", "why cant minutes last hours", etc. When I was a kid, I cajoled my brain to give up already and get out of bed, by promising myself I would take a nap after school. I would tell my mind "I know you dont want to get up now, but if we do, I promise well have a long nap the minute we get home. That´s not so bad is it?" "Now, get up!" However, a nap after a work day is completely impossible, specially because by the time I can make it to bed, it is already time to actually sleep, and my mind just doesn´t buy into that (I know, I´m smart sometimes). I had to come up for a nap substitute, so coffee is something I promise myself so I stop moaning and start my day. It gives me something to look forward to.

The first time I took a cup of coffee with the purpose of waking me up in the morning , was in university. It was only about 8 in the morning, but no matter how many naps Id promised myself, how long I had stayed in the shower, or how wet my hair was, I was just not feeling awake. Someone suggested coffee so I got some change from my backpack, and marched right up to the least scary coffee machine. I guess you could tell that I had no idea of what to get, and that I was about to collapse into a sleep-induced comma, because the girl behind me said "if you need to wake up, E4* is the way to go". "Dont forget the asterisk ‘cause thats what does the magic" Plunk, went my coins into the slot. Plop, slurrrr, swissshh went the machine.Tadadadaaa went my brain while I waited, because, WTF? the thing takes forever to do its business. Finally badaboom, I had cheap instant capuccino with an asterisk and slurp, I was immediately awake and chipper. It was the beginning of a new, exciting, and unfortunately short affair, due to the fact that 3 months later, the Administration office decided the coffee was too cheap, and if wee needed it so bad, we could very well walk the half mile to the cafeteria and pay Starbucks prices for one.

For some reason, coffee makes my mornings special. Its comforting on cold mornings, it makes my breakfast feel sort of grown up, and, I don´t know, It kind of keeps me company in some awkward situations (It doesn´t matter that I am new at this job, or that everybody is glancing at me, because I am very busy standing here sipping my coffee). Over the years I have learned to love appreciate coffee, not only by its caffeine contents but also by its wonderful aroma and taste. It mirrors and compliments lots of flavours, finishes off a wonderful meal, and works as a wonderful excuse to meet up with friends. Ooooh coffee I definitely love you so!

P.S. After re reading this post, I have actually learned something about myself: I need something comforting and promising to start my days. Therefore I am ending it with a note to my wonderful husband:

Honey, I know you love mornings and feel cheerful and happy the very instant you open your eyes. I love that about you, and envy you a little bit sometimes. However, -contrary to what one would think- a person who hates mornings does not cheer up after listening to the (undoubtedlly cute and well-intended, wonderful lovely) high-pitched-ear-splitting-shoulder-tensing-shrill-voiced adult version of the song for "Doodle-do" (or any song in that voice for that matter). Nor does she appreciate being left alone under the false premise that she is in a bad mood. What that person needs is something to look forward to. I give myself coffee. I bet we can think of millions of things to make me look forward to, and I bet after that, I will be the one to start making up words to childish songs.