on Jan 2, 2009

I haven't had any New Year's Resolutions in years, mostly because I think they are a fib. Most people give up drinking or go on a diet for a month, and mid February the winter depression and lack of money sinks in and all the initial motivation is lost. And while I wouldn't mind dropping a few pounds, I really don't feel like waking up tomorrow and joining the salad bandwagon. It's just too... cold.

However, there are aspects of my life I want to improve on, and I think it's fun to write them here and re-visit at the end of the year to see what happened. So here goes:

  • To be happier. Many people think it's a mixture of luck and life situations that bring happiness, but I think that is just an excuse. Happiness is a choice*. Every single thing in life has a good and a bad aspect and one chooses to focus mostly on one or the other. I want to focus on the positive bits of life. Constantly.
  • To give up complaining. This is completely related to the above resolution, but I am going to write it in a separate bullet because I really want to work on this specifically. You see, for years and years I complained about everything, all the time. This year I realized complaining only attracts more things to complain about and worked on it for a while. It made me realize how annoying it is to listen to someone whine all the time, and it also helped me focus on the positive aspects of life.
  • To be a better wife. Husband is amazing. I find myself constantly being impressed by the man he is and I just want to be the same for him. For this, I'll try to be more patient, be more involved in his stuff, and stop taking everything so seriously.
  • To be healthier. I really want to exercise. The perfect thing would be to join a gym where they will ideally have a kickboxing or boxing class that I can take a couple of times a week. I obviously can't do that now due to the lack of job, but I can try for now to do something. Anything. I am going to aim for at least once week because it is more doable in the long term for me, and even if I do just that, it will be 52 more times I exercised this year than the last.

So there, not too many and mostly they are related somehow, but the best way to stick to resolutions is if you only make one or two. Let's see how it goes!

*Obviously there are people who are genuinely depressed and/or have other mental or health issues and could benefit from professional treatment.


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I've been lurking on your blog and finally decided to comment...
Years ago I resolved to stop whining and it felt like it changed things though it was more just my outlook. Still working on the be happy- I think I am content and happy- but I think most people would say I'm too quiet, serious, or pensive. And I'm all about getting healthy on the cheap too. Let me know what you figure out1