on Jan 9, 2009

Mexico City is a very warm place to live in. We get cold fronts during the winter months, but they never last more than a couple of weeks, and then it's back to sunshine and warmth all year round.
Before living in London, I had never experienced really, truly being cold for a long, long period of time. It has made me think twice about saying I am a person who loves cold temperatures, and it has also made me realize how much human beings need sunshine.

I remember going to Paris a couple of years ago at the end of February, and running excitedly towards the sun-clad spots, squealing with joy, realizing we had not seen any sunshine in months. Even though it was really cold there too, the feeling of the sun in our faces and on our hands felt sooo good.

I find I have mixed feelings towards winter. It's long and hard and did I mention long? But today in an effort to stop the complaining already, I tried to think about the interesting things winter has brought to my previously winter-virgin life. This is what I came up with:

  • People in this country are possibly out of their minds. It's -1C (30F) outside and yet there are people walking about the streets with no coats, no gloves and weridly enough, in skirts. Short ones. Just watching them makes me feel colder.
  • It took me three years to figure out how to dress for the cold (i.e. woolen clothes, down parkas. layers) but,
  • I haven't figured out what to do about feet. I own lined boots (sadly not sheepskin ones) and three pairs of socks, but my feet are still ice cubes all the time.
  • I was complaining about the horrors of getting into a cold bed when somebody suggested I iron the inside before getting in it. (What? Do you have a better method?) If someone had told me about this when I still lived in Mexico, I would have laughed forever at that. Now, well I still laugh. But I also enjoy getting into a warm bed. So that is that.
  • Husband and I cuddle more in bed, which is nice.
  • It is lovely to be warm in bed when it's so cold outside.
  • I still don't understand how heating works. (Do you leave it on always? Do you turn it on for a while and then -if your house is well insulated- expect it to be warm for a long period of time?)
  • The best thing about winter for me, is the new found appreciation for spring and summer every year. It makes them both seem amazing and wonderful, and never again will I complain of being too hot.
  • Mexican people wear scarves and hats because it's fashionable and looks wintery. Who knew they were actually USEFUL?
  • Winter is quiet. There is no animal, no bug, no child in this world who wants to be outside. (And neither do I)


Bethtastic said...

I can't imagine living where it's NOT cold during the winter! No wonder Mexico is such a popular vacation spot! :)

I'm in Nebraska. It's COLD here. And windy, because with all this farm ground there aren't many trees to block winds. This week's forecast includes at least 3 days where the actual high temperature is 17F-19F. With windchills in the negatives. (Do you have windchill readings forcasted there?)

Crazy cold.

As for the feet... I find that wearing wool socks is what helps the most. They are usually thick and bulky, but warm, so it's worth cramming them in my shoes :). And I wear slippers all the time when I'm home. Fuzzy fleece lined slippers over my bulky socks.

Anonymous said...

Wool socks. A heating blanket is heaven. As far as the heat, you leave it on, if you have a thermastat. Then it turns off on it's own. But if not, well...I'm the wrong person to ask. :)
I HATE to be cold. And it's not that cold in this part of Texas. We just have very wonky weather: Today it is 80 and tomorrow the high is supposed to be 40. F-ing unreal, huh?