on Jan 10, 2009

Today I woke up, brewed coffee, made caramel apple french toast, and sat down to the bliss of eating, drinking and reading a good book.

I love to read on days like this, where it's the weekend and it's cold, and you don't have to go anywhere. Days where you declare you are not doing anyghing and will take time to just enjoy. I love to lose myself in a good plot, to learn about someone else's life, or live vicariously some torrid romance. For me it's a way of relaxing and forgetting about life. It's a way of giving myself some me time in which I don't worry about work, or chores, or social life. And I am soo good at it, that if you talk to me while I am reading, I have been known not to even notice.

I love curling on the couch and just being there, being me, sipping coffee, turning page after page while the day just passes by. It's nice to stop and read sometimes. And I enjoy it the most, because if I ever have kids, it will become a scarce luxury that I will yearn for.


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Must have the recipe for the caramel apple french toast. Sounds divine!

Bethtastic said...

HA! Not Your Aunt Bea stole my comment! Caramel Apple French Toast? That can't possibly escape me - how do you do that?

Firegirl said...

That does sound incredibly yummy...guess that's going to be your next post, eh?

May I recommend "Love the One You're With" by Emily Griffin. It was recommended by my BFF C and I'm in the middle of it right now!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a luxury you will definitely yearn for. And when they are babies, it just doesn't happen. But once your kiddo is around 2 or so, you can get some reading in! It's lovely.