on Nov 3, 2008

Hello! I have longer posts to write, but for now I leave you with a short update bullet-style:

  • I have most definitely lost my job. I am surprisngly allright; a bit nostalgic because I love it there, but also looking forward to new adventures, we'll see.
  • My Birthday gifts included a Sephora kit of Creme Brulee flavoured body wash, body lotion, and perfume, two woolen hats, a Day at the Spa, a french press, Pink Champagne and a visit from my sister. It was a lovely birthday and I hope I get to have many more like this last one (minus the jobless bit -although that made it interesting)
  • My sister and I had a fabulous time, I can't remember when I laughed so hard or talked so much. It was fun and uplifting and I am glad she came for so long. Also, we went to places like the one in the picture below. Who can be sad in a place with those cakes?

  • Husband has totally managed to impress me with his supportiveness, wonderfullness and love. I am a very, very lucky woman.
  • My last day at workplace is Friday. I will soon stop working in the East, trendy side of this city. It doesn't matter, maybe my next job will be near here:
It is so true that it's not situations that bring happiness, it's you.


Firegirl said...

Happy Late Birthday!!!!!

That picture of the bridge is beautiful! I saved it to my screensaver.

Ah, new!!! At least you get to catch up on daytime television. (:-D

Love the last quote. Perfect!

Dynamita said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes!!

I should have credited my sister for the picture. She downloaded all her pictures to my work computer and I am so glad she did, I loved that particular one with the Big Ben under the bridge. It helps me remember why I'm here.

Danielle-lee said...

Mmmmm, the cakes look lovely!
Yipee for fun birthday presents and laughs with your sister. I love laughing with my family. :)

still so sorry about your job. :(