on Nov 3, 2008

Hello! I have longer posts to write, but for now I leave you with a short update bullet-style:

  • I have most definitely lost my job. I am surprisngly allright; a bit nostalgic because I love it there, but also looking forward to new adventures, we'll see.
  • My Birthday gifts included a Sephora kit of Creme Brulee flavoured body wash, body lotion, and perfume, two woolen hats, a Day at the Spa, a french press, Pink Champagne and a visit from my sister. It was a lovely birthday and I hope I get to have many more like this last one (minus the jobless bit -although that made it interesting)
  • My sister and I had a fabulous time, I can't remember when I laughed so hard or talked so much. It was fun and uplifting and I am glad she came for so long. Also, we went to places like the one in the picture below. Who can be sad in a place with those cakes?

  • Husband has totally managed to impress me with his supportiveness, wonderfullness and love. I am a very, very lucky woman.
  • My last day at workplace is Friday. I will soon stop working in the East, trendy side of this city. It doesn't matter, maybe my next job will be near here:
It is so true that it's not situations that bring happiness, it's you.


Firegirl said...

Happy Late Birthday!!!!!

That picture of the bridge is beautiful! I saved it to my screensaver.

Ah, new!!! At least you get to catch up on daytime television. (:-D

Love the last quote. Perfect!

Dynamita said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes!!

I should have credited my sister for the picture. She downloaded all her pictures to my work computer and I am so glad she did, I loved that particular one with the Big Ben under the bridge. It helps me remember why I'm here.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, the cakes look lovely!
Yipee for fun birthday presents and laughs with your sister. I love laughing with my family. :)

still so sorry about your job. :(