on Oct 20, 2008

My sister is coming over for a visit on Friday. She will be here for 10 days and I can't wait!!!

She is my best friend, we used to tell each other everything and do everything together. The thing I miss the most are Sunday mornings when whoever woke up first, would go lie on the other's bed and we would talk about nothing all morning. She moved to Europe a long time ago, and I've grown used to not having here near but now I get her all to myself. It is going to be great!! She lived in London for about 5 years so we won't be scrambling to see the Big Ben, but we still love to be tourists. So far activities planned include:

  • Have a chick flick marathon while consuming high quantities of junk food.
  • See a cheesy musical
  • Go to the 'Jack the Ripper' walking tour (it is Halloween after all)
  • Eat in places like this
  • Walk through places like these

We will also visit a couple of museums and galleries but I dunno what else. what about you, readers? If you came to London, what would you like to do?


Anonymous said...

Am so jealous!! My sister is 19 years younger than me, so by the time she can really have a deep relationship with me, she will think i am too old for her!!!
i hope you have a wonderful time with her.

Firegirl said...

As an American, I would like to go to an actual pub.
See "normal", every day London versus touristy things.

Love, love, love old Eddie Izzard says: You guys have all the history.