Perfect Friday

on Oct 24, 2008

I arrived at the office today to discover the brochures we had sent out to print earlier, which had to be delivered TODAY, had a misprint.

We called the printer and everything, but in the end, the only thing we could do was paste tiny little labels with the correction on top. This means I spent the morning desperately peeling half-inched sized labels (Wah!
) Fortunately, mid way through the whole task, everybody in the office took pity and we turned it into a peel-and-stick party. Everybody helped and we all sat there and cracked jokes while we worked. It was surprisingly relaxing!

Apologies for the blurry picture, it was taken
secretly with the mobile. I peeled 800 of these today

After lunch, as I scrambled to cram my morning work into the afternoon, I was called into a meeting room for the traditional b-day song+cake (It's my birthday on Sunday) except instead of cake there were these amazing apple brownies baked by my boss.

I'm going to have to work a bit late to make up for the peeling debacle, but all in all it was a perfect Friday.
I am sooo lucky to work for a Company where nobody frets when mishaps arise. I am lucky to have a boss that is nice, and a bunch of colleagues who are willing to bail you out. I will sincerely miss working here. A lot.

On other good news, my sister arrives today!!! She will be here for the whole of next week, so I will probably not be posting. See you in November!