#4 I bet you didn´t see this one coming

on Aug 31, 2006

When I started thinking about this blog, I sort of imagined one of my entries was inevitably going to end up being about this. I didn´t want to think about it at the moment because, lets face it, there was no way around it being extremely corny and mawkishly sentimental, but... I just have to do it. Because... because.. because I have got the best husband in the world. I just do. It's not like he is perfect or unreal. We in fact have loads of problems: we row, we argue, he spends too much time on the xbox, I spend too much time complaining, I nag, he doesn't do enough around the house... you get the picture. But he is still a great husband. He always ALWAYS wakes up in a good mood, he likes to cuddle, he makes up silly/funny/corny words to songs, he sings them for me, he dances around, smiles, pays attention to me, makes an effort to do nice things, calls frequently when he is away, he looks after me. Like really looks after me. He makes me laugh, -shit I'm not doing any justice to how wonderful he is with this entry- he makes me stronger, makes me a better person. He didn't use to be like this though. There was a time when he was a bit hmm, well, less of all these things. But he has grown into it incredibly well