on Jan 24, 2009

I'm tired of my lectures. Eating healthy is a SUBJECT for me he he so I could go on and on about it, but it needs to stop. Life is short.

So yesterday I said if I were to want to eat healthier I would first eliminate preservatives from my diet, and then strive for my 5 a day (3 of them veg portions) and after doing these two changes for a while, and i mean at least 6 months if not a year, then I would try to reduce my portion sizes.

We eat too much. If you ask any nutrition expert they will tell you we eat way too much protein and fat. This is because we are so used to value for money. We want. A lot. And I think these times call for a better spread of food across the world, you know?

A couple of months after I first came to London, I remember there being a celebratory birthday cake at work, and when they took it out I was just astounded at the size. It was, was, uh, the size of a Costco Muffin! A whole cake! Cut into 8 pieces! I took my portion and wallowed in the corner thinking it was just pitiful. I could have eaten the whole thing thinking it was made for only 2 people.

As time went by, I stopped thinking cakes here are small, and I am not hungry after having only a sandwich for lunch, or having a meal at a restaurant. When I went back to Mexico, not only could I not finish any of the dishes I would previously devour in my favourite restaurants, but I was also impressed by the amount of food people actually eat, thinking it is normal. Eating too much food (regardless of your weight) is not very good for the digestive or lymphatic system and if you eat a lot in general, chances are you are eating a lot of sat fat (which raises your cholesterol) and sugar (which can lead to other diseases such as diabetes).

I find it weird that when I go to a restaurant with bigger portions, no matter how much I tell myself that my plate is easily 2 portions, I still finish the food. I don't know why the mind works like that, but I think that is the problem. Culture telling you that supersizing your meal is value for money AND it's one portion is what makes us think it's okay to eat that much junk food. So if I were to advice anybody how to eat healthier, I would recommend they slowly try to eat with moderation and reduce their portion sizes. Buy smaller plates. Split your muffins in half. In time you will get used to eating less, and less of junk food is already eating healthier, right?

My last advice is don't be so radical. Loads of people say 'that is it, no more doughnuts/pizza/ice cream/butter ever!' And then 3 weeks into it, they discover life is too sad without these things and just go back to how they did things. I don't think one should never ever enjoy 'junk' food ever again. Just do it in moderation, you know? Once in a while. And for you, once in a while may 3 times a week instead of 7, or it may be only on weekends or once a month or once a year. Maybe you start with 3 times a week and 6 months late reduce it to 2, etc. Strive to be healthy most of the time and you will be fine.

Okay, I am going to shut up now.


Anonymous said...

LOL. You don't need to shut up! I'm so glad you are eating healthier. I'm back at it again too.