on Jan 6, 2009

First of all, WELCOME to my newly designed blog! Isn't it lovely? I am so happy to have a new layout!

The Header was designed by Husband, who patiently sat down with me and very seriously asked me really weird questions about what I wanted such as:

If your blog were food, what kind would it be?
If it were a celebrity?
How about a movie?
What is your blog not?

I wanted something flexible so he came up with the idea of making it seasonal, so it can stay fresh during the year without it turning into a monthly having-to-faff-around-with-the-whole-thing a la Dooce. Anyway, it is all wintery for now, and it is making this season more bearable for me already so, score!

This whole renewing the blog/ New Year's resolutions theme going on in the last few days has reminded me how much I love new beginnings. When I was a kid, I loved to start a new school year. It was a chance to start over, to have a different experience in life, to make different friends, and later, in university, try out different subjects. In my adult life, I find myself constantly looking for them. I'll often do a spring cleaning weekend , move all the furniture around the house, drastically change my hairstyle.

I know there are new beginnings that can be daunting and a bit scary, but they also force you out of your comfort zone. Starting something and following through pushes you to grow, to become a better person; it challenges you into a new you, and most of the times it turns out amazing. And you can't really enjoy comfort if you don't experience discomfort, you know?

So I have been reflecting on this for a bit. I've been wondering what is it about newness that I love so much and I think it's the hope. I love that excited feeling of the wanted unknown, the looking forward to things, the glimpse of possibilities. I think hopeful is one of the best states of emotion to be in, because it becomes eagerness, turns into passion and finishes in joy.


Anonymous said...

I ADORE your new layout!! It is so sweet! LOVE IT!
And I agree with you about the hope. Hope makes all things bearable, I think.