#5 Winter

on Nov 23, 2008

Hot Chocolate, cute knitted hats, roaring fires, duvet days, movie nights, Christmas... Oh who am I kidding I really don't like winter that much. It is dark, cold, rainy, humid, long, dark. Did I mention dark?

Before coming to London, I hadn't experienced a real winter. Mexican winters are VERY mild, California-style and really, people try to have one by wearing scarves and hats but pah! It is not cold.

London however, is a whole 'nother story. One day you wake up cold, and do not heat up again until spring. Most days it rains horizontally ensuring you stay wet forever.

Truthfully, weather could be worse as it doesn't really even snow much, but I am Mexican. Brr. Also: darkness. Around November, twilight starts at around 4 in the afternoon which means it is dark by 5. FIVE.

Oh wait. This blog is about things I like! Why am I trashing winter? You see, there is something good, even wonderful about winter. And that is that everything becomes dormant. Before living here, I had never seen bare trees, or experienced the dead eerie silence on the streets. I had not felt like hibernating, I had not felt blue for no reason, I had not felt eternally cold.

I had also never experienced the full blow of hope and joy that is Spring. Oh my God, how amazing it is to wake up one day to the sound of chirping birds, and to look out the window and see the tree has become full and green overnight. It is just amazing to feel the sunshine on your skin and to feel sort of... alive again. Your mood changes. People are out in the streets, laughing, having bbq's, playing music. There is so much hope in the air, you find yourself wanting to skip to work. Everything just comes back to life. It's like breathing air after being underwater for a while. Or like resuming a movie that has been paused.

And that is why I like winter. Because it makes me appreciate spring. It's always spring in Mexico and it's so constant that I used to take it for granted. Now it makes me realize life has its cycles. It reminds me that sometimes things are good, and sometimes not so much, but there is always hope you know? There will be many winters in life* but there will always also, inevitably be a spring after that.

*You know like now! I am going through my own personal winter! Am queen of the metafors! Ahem.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't think I could live in London. I can't stand winter. I hate being cold! Would much rather have the Mexico or California weather. But I do love winter clothes-helps me hide the muffin top!!